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REFSA Fact Sheet #1/2021: Mission Oriented Strategies

In various reports and briefs, REFSA has been advocating for the nation to adopt a mission-oriented approach to tackle the challenges of our current times, be it the current economic crisis, climate change or the recent COVID pandemic. Created as a short introduction to this concept, here is the first of our Fact Sheet series that seeks to explain what exactly are mission-oriented strategies, why we need them and how they can be managed to achieve the most effective outcomes.

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Mampukah Parlimen berperanan semula?

Tiba masa kerajaan kembali ke Parlimen dan membina semula institusi ini agar ia benar-benar berkesan untuk mengubah kehidupan rakyat ke arah yang lebih baik berbanding menekan parlimen sehingga ia boleh menjejaskan prinsip asas demokrasi negara dalam tempoh jangka masa yang panjang.

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[Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy x REFSA Forum] Vaksin COVID-19: Antara Keraguan, Tahyul dan Fakta

Despite the Ministry of Health’s survey indicating that at least 2/3 of respondents are willing to be vaccinated against COVID-19, there is a significant proportion that remain hesitant, even opposed. This may even include healthcare professionals, members of parliament and learned members of society. This discussion is an opportunity for queries to be raised and addressed by those concerned. Webinar in Malay.

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