REFSA Quarterly Issue 1, 2016: Public Transport Matters

2 weeks ago

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College students from Hong Kong visits the Library for Social Democracy


We were privileged to host a group of about 50 students from Community College of City University, Hong Kong today.

Our speakers, Liew Chin Tong, Hannah Yeoh and Yeo Bee Yin shared about their experiences in politics and gave some words of encouragement to the youths.

'Young people are the leaders of the present and the future. Step up to the challenge to find your passion, find your space, participate and contribute to the democratic processes and where your passion lies,' quipped Hannah Yeoh.

Liew Chin Tong, then gave his advise to the group of keen young minds in the Library of Social Democrary: 'Young people, read more. It is like a pyramid, when the foundation (knowledge) is huge and strong, then only are you are able to reach the top. Read widely as possible, and read when you are young.'

Yeo Bee Yin encouraged the young people to advocate for the issues of young people. She also shared about some of the social media strategies during election campaign and Impian Malaysia' s mission and projects (

After the session, the students continued to ask questions pertaining to politics and youth movements around the world for nearly an hour!

Young people, be ready, find your passion, seize the moment.
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