REFSA Quarterly Issue 1, 2016: Public Transport Matters

US-China Trade War and the impact on Malaysia.

Priviledged to have Professor Woo Wing Thye, Professor of Economics at University of California at Davis, USA; and Sunway University, Malaysia, speak in the Library For Social Democracy yesterday, to a room of packed audience.

Prof Woo spoke on emerging markets, and the motivations underlying the trade war between US and China, and its impact on Malaysia.

In the talk that was attended by about 90 participants, Prof Woo makes the argument that the current focus on currency devaluation, trade deficits and technological theft detracts attention from the endemic structural issues of both the American and Chinese economy.

On the American side, more needs to be done to increase taxation to reduce deficits and for the Chinese, adequate social safety nets has to be installed so that the high savings rates can be reduced.
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