REFSA is a progressive, not-for-profit think tank that promotes social advancement in Malaysia. Since its inception in 2004, REFSA has been at the forefront of policy discussions and debates in the important political and socio-economic issues of the nation. Today, our aspiration hasn’t changed – we want to power the movement for a just, inclusive, and multiracial society.

To achieve this, we strive to:

provide credible and robust analysis to promote constructive dialogues

engage in public policy debates

build awareness of various aspects of social, economic and political issues.

What is social advancement?
To put it simply, it is to make people’s lives better. We believe that us Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or cultural background, have common aspirations and are seeking the same things in life. REFSA seeks to participate in and shape discussions that aim to create betterment for everyone. 

Who are we ? 

Are forward thinkers

we present reliable and relevant analytical studies that contribute to understanding the socio-economic challenges faced by the nation. We evaluate and analyze current public policy challenges to propose forward-looking, sustainable solutions.

  Empower the public  

through our work, we hope to improve the level of understanding on complex topics, thereby encouraging and enabling everyone to discuss and participate in an open dialogue.

Engage with everyone

we engage with the public, policy-makers and legislators; and promote platforms for open and constructive discussions.