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Reshaping Malaysia’s Future of Work – Gearing Up Social Mobility

On 26 August 2022, REFSA, IRDP and IDEAS co-hosted a roundtable on youth employment. Titled “Reshaping Malaysia’s Future of Work – Gearing Up Social Mobility”, the event brought together over 20 local thought leaders from diverse backgrounds, including academicians, public policy researchers and students. Taking the form of an open discussion, the 2.5-hour roundtable focused on the current trends of the Malaysian labour market, the key challenges that employers and jobseekers face and policy recommendations to address these issues.







Memikirkan semula GLC/GLIC di era kapitalisme pemegang taruh

There are three fundamental questions that we need to consider when it comes to government-linked corporations (GLCs) and government-linked investment corporations (GLICs). First, should the State get involved in the economy? Second, should the GLCs/GLICs, which are essentially agents of the Malaysian State, act as if they were private actors Third, what purpose should GLCs/GLICs serve in the new era of stakeholder capitalism? Article in Malay.
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