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The EPF Debate: Balancing Economic Growth and Social Security

There have been quite a bit of news lately surrounding EPF. Last week, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the Cabinet would discuss a proposal to raise employers' contribution to 20% on their respective employees’ EPF accounts. A couple of days ago, the PM called for the EPF to aim for the retirement fund to shift its investment portfolio to comprise 70% of domestic investments by year-end. Our researcher Ng Sze Fung unpacks this with BFM.

Consider This: Budget 2023 – Elections Or Economics?

Budget 2023 was tabled in Dewan Rakyat today—three weeks earlier than originally scheduled & amidst heated speculation of an imminent dissolution of Parliament to make way for the general election. Amid the urgent challenges of the global economy & the climate crisis, have the political imperatives of the day determined the thrust of Budget 2023? Melisa Idris speaks to Tan E Hun, Executive Director at the think tank, Research for Social Advancement (REFSA).

Reshaping Malaysia’s Future of Work – Gearing Up Social Mobility

On 26 August 2022, REFSA, IRDP and IDEAS co-hosted a roundtable on youth employment. Titled “Reshaping Malaysia’s Future of Work – Gearing Up Social Mobility”, the event brought together over 20 local thought leaders from diverse backgrounds, including academicians, public policy researchers and students. Taking the form of an open discussion, the 2.5-hour roundtable focused on the current trends of the Malaysian labour market, the key challenges that employers and jobseekers face and policy recommendations to address these issues.




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