2021 Annual Report

Download: REFSA Annual Report 2021

Build Back Better: Malaysia’s Road to Recovery

2021 continued to be a challenging and turbulent year for many. Throughout the year, we have witnessed a lack of political leadership and impactful policy directions to kickstart our recovery process and build back better. It was an intense start in January, with the sudden announcement of the state of emergency, followed by more movement control orders which continue to impede economic recovery. SOP u-turns and indecisive measures occurred frequently while the lack of an open data ecosystem reduced our ability to fully utilise public sector data for the benefit of society.

The arrival of the vaccine in February was a welcome event. However, we also saw an explosion in the rate of hospitalisations and deaths due to the Delta variant, which paralysed the healthcare system from July to September. Hence, it is clear that we are not out of the woods yet, given the presence of new COVID-19 variants and the slow booster jab uptake.

It is under these circumstances that REFSA continues to provide thought leadership and participate actively in conducting research, disseminating ideas and shaping policy directions on important economic and socio-economic issues of the nation.

Guided by our core values of equality, social justice and democracy, REFSA continues to provide thought leadership and participate actively through the following output:

  1. Research analysis and strategy papers aimed at unpacking and understanding complex policy issues.
  2. Media engagement and commentaries to disseminate key policy ideas and information.
  3. Organise seminars and conferences with stakeholders, lawmakers, government agencies, community leaders, and the public at large to facilitate productive dialogues and discussions.
  4. Create digital media output such as infographics, video primers, and podcasts to reach a broader audience in an informative and engaging manner.

Looking ahead for 2022

In 2022, we remain committed to addressing Malaysia’s structural shortcomings and providing robust and sustainable policies for building back better. We will continue to do so through data-driven research, actionable policy recommendations, and creative approaches to education and advocacy that ensure engagement with the wider community.

Building on our work in 2021, we hope to elevate and shift public discourse towards progressive economic and social policies with various stakeholders, policymakers and the public.

If you share our values and beliefs to see a better, more equitable and sustainable Malaysia for all, please consider supporting us financially, in any amount that you are able to.

You can do so by donating online via our website or by subscribing to Citizen Tong, a newsletter by our Chairman, Liew Chin Tong that will eventually have a paid subscription.

Together, let’s build a better future and make real changes possible!

Download: REFSA Annual Report 2021

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