We need to ‘flatten the curve’ of economic recession, now
A massive intervention is required to prevent the economic fabric of the nation from disintegrating. What are the immediate efforts required to “flatten the recession curve”, and why it is important to do it, now.

Flexible work arrangements deserve more than just this Covid-19 crash-course
FWAs are more than just a tool to cope with Covid-19, their positive externality effects such as diversifying economic growth and labour force, as well  as reducing traffic congestion, are too good for us to pass up for much longer.

Economy needs immediate stimulus package, with eye on the long-term
While the stimulus package primarily aims to tide over workers and businesses through tumultuous short-term economic currents, the government should also evaluate these measures with an eye on the long term, and look to promote a transformation of the economy to new growth sectors and higher productivity, and prepare the workforce for the future.

The Singapore factor in the Malaysian labour market
With a stimulus package due to be announced soon, the government has a great opportunity to work towards a skills-oriented labour market and hence prioritises the wellbeing of Malaysians. As a starting point, we should consider the Singapore factor in the Malaysian labour market.