The Great Reset – 100 days of Malaysia’s Triple Crisis
Join this virtual book launch where the author and speakers discussed a Great Reset to restart and rebuild economic and social activities in a manner that protect and support an equitable recovery for all.

IRDP x REFSA Discuss #7: T20, Kemiskinan Kota dan Isu Sosio-Ekonomi
Webinar ini bertujuan merungkai beberapa masalah yang mendasari dilema warge kota – menarik perhatian berhubung masalah kemiskinan kota dan dampak daripada dasar ekonomi dan dasar pembangunan negara cejas kemerdekaan.

REFSA Discuss #6 x UNDI18: Post COVID-19: What lies ahead for Malaysian youths?
A frank discussion in REFSA’s sixth webinar about the challenges faced by our youths and policies to ease into this new economic outlook.

REFSA Discuss #5: The “Strategic New Normal” Post-COVID-19: How should Southeast Asia respond?
REFSA’s fifth webinar explored what Southeast Asia’s geo-strategic architecture will look like post Covid-19, the role of regional security and how actors should adapt.

REFSA Discuss #4: “Build Back Better”: Constructing our Post-COVID-19 future
REFSA’s fourth webinar discussed how we can “build back better” to ensure more resilience in our economic, political, and social systems for post-Covid-19 future.

REFSA Discuss #3: COVID-19: Reflections on our urban model
REFSA’s third webinar discussed the importance of rethinking our current urban model to deal with a world post COVID-19.

REFSA Discuss #2: COVID-19: Crisis Preparedness and the Whole-of-Society Response
REFSA’s second webinar explored and discussed the necessary robust holistic response from whole society to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic,

REFSA Discuss #1: Flattening the Recession Curve: Saving SMEs and Preserving Jobs
REFSA’s first webinar discussed economic stimulus measures Malaysia provided thus far, the impact on SMEs and how we can preserve jobs in this tough Covid-19 crisis.