Security and Regional Integration

Rethinking the National Defence Industry

There is no doubt that Malaysia has potential to be a producer of various arms and other defence accoutrements. However, this potential must be guided with the right objectives and principles in mind to produce the relevant outcomes.

LCS fiasco at critical crossroads

Malaysia's Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program is now at a difficult crossroad. The program was slated to see its first delivery in April of 2019, with the remaining ships being delivered every six months after that. It is now March 2021, nearly two years since the original due date, and it would appear no end is in sight for the troubled procurement project.

[DCAF x REFSA DISCUSS #9] Roundtable Consultation

A roundtable consultation where participants discussed the way forward for security sector governance in Malaysia with recommendations on reform including having greater inter-agency coordination, transparency and stronger civil-military relations.
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