Our work advocates for institutional reforms that will create a more responsive, inclusive and efficient government. Malaysia has come far as a nation, but the quest for true democracy and good governance is a long and arduous one that is yet to complete. We have an urgent imperative to implement wide-ranging reforms in order to rebuild our institutions. New digital media and novel ways for people to relate to government are also fundamentally rewriting the rules of democracy in the contemporary age.

At the same time, much work is needed in addressing reform of the security sector. National security is a multi-disciplinary field, with implications across all layers of society, which necessitates a more inclusive discussion and whole-of-society approach. Other issues, such as climate change, pandemics and transnational crimes, are also changing the way security ought to be perceived and managed.

Focus Areas

  • Democracy
  • Good Governance
  • Parliamentary Reform
  • Technology
  • Security Sector Reform