Projek Muhibah introduces ten policies to address the socio-economic challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia. Our analyses and proposals will help Malaysia build back better, towards a more resilient and equitable economy, a more economically secure workforce, and a stronger and more supportive community.

Stories from the Ground – Mohd Hairul, 47, Artist in Central Market

Mohd Hairul and his sister have been running the Suria Portrait Center in Central Market for 15 years. Having been a thriving tourist hub in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, today the lack of commotion of the mid-pandemic Central Market is almost eerie; walking through. You’re nary to see bug-eyed explorers wandering through, and once-bustling stores now replaced with lowered shutters. Its artist alley is no different, the open air street only permeated by the buzzing of outdoor fans and distant hits from a classical radio channel. Despite this, the parallel rows of shop owners continue to work diligently upon

Stories from the Ground – Nazir , 33, Tintabudi Bookshop

Nazir is the founder of Tintabudi, an independent bookshop in Kuala Luumpur specialising in literature, philosophy, history, and arts. There are no signboards to be seen. You would have to take a flight of narrow stairs to the first floor of The Zhongshan Building – an artist collective nested in a newly restored 1950’s building at the periphery of Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur– before coming across Tintabudi.  Tintabudi bookshop is small but vibrant. On a good day, which is one not hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, you’d hear the constant tinkering of a bell as the door to Tintabudi opens

REFSA proposes 10 strategies for Covid-19 exit blueprint

The National Recovery Plan lacks a clear strategy to flatten the curve. In light of this issue, Dr. Ong Kian Ming and Frederik Paulus outlined the comprehensive policy approach called Find, Test and Trace, Isolate, Support and Vaccinate (FTTIS+V).



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