Green Budget Ahead?

Frederik Paulus, Economic Advisor at REFSA shares his view on Malaysia's climate change commitments, what more needs to be done and the importance of the state acting as a catalyst and a venture capitalist of sorts, for the private sector to come up with the most efficient solutions. 

KL’s Public Transport Conundrum

PRESS ROOM NOV 14, 2019 KL’s Public Transport Conundrum The issue of public transportation, especially in KL, is always discussed, but do we look beyond the usual rhetoric, and analyse the underlying problems that might be related to policies and…

Library of Social Democracy and its role

PRESSROOM JUL 25, 2019 Library of Social Democracy and its role Library for Social Democracy is an academic library that provides books, research materials and reports from government bodies and agencies. Calling Pudu its home, the library plans to democratise…

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