With No More Ceiling Prices, Will Costs Hit The Roof?

The government's plan to remove ceiling prices and subsidies for chicken, eggs and bottled palm cooking oil will take effect on the 1st of July. It's a move that has ignited fears around the rising cost of living- we discuss its impact and who will be feeling the brunt of this policy reversal. Then, we dive into what's needed to to create an effective system that better identifies people in need of government assistance.

Can a Ministry Adopt a District? Ask Kuala Selangor.

Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul announced that the MOF will be 'adopting' Kuala Selangor and building the Puncak Alam station as part of the ECRL network. Speaking to REFSA's Executive Director Tan E Hun, we get into what it means for a ministry to 'adopt' a district, how might it affect Kuala Selangor's development, and what the potential political implications are.

Multi-Cornered Fights In Melaka Polls

The Melaka state elections look like it’s going to be a three-cornered fight at least, all around. Listen to the full discussion between Iskandar Fareez and BFM on the political dynamics ahead of the polls.

Delving Into the 12th Malaysia Plan

Can we be optimistic that any goals listed in the newly released #12MP will be achieved? That depends if the gov is open to incorporating feedback from other parties. Listen to the full discussion between Iskandar Fareez and BFM.

Dawn of a New Political Era?

Can PM Ismail Sabri’s cabinet rise to the challenge? Here’s an interview of REFSA’s Communications Director Iskandar Fareez with BFM on the possibility of bipartisanship and its implications.

Bicara Minggu Ini (BMI) – We Have a New PM!

Fresh off the legacy of UMNO's political scandal, will PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob lead Malaysia back to democracy or authoritarianism? REFSA Communications Director Iskandar Fareez speaks to Norman Goh to discuss what lies ahead.
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