Delving Into the 12th Malaysia Plan

Can we be optimistic that any goals listed in the newly released #12MP will be achieved? That depends if the gov is open to incorporating feedback from other parties. Listen to the full discussion between Iskandar Fareez and BFM.

Dawn of a New Political Era?

Can PM Ismail Sabri’s cabinet rise to the challenge? Here’s an interview of REFSA’s Communications Director Iskandar Fareez with BFM on the possibility of bipartisanship and its implications.

Why #BenderaHitam Matters

In an interview with BFM, REFSA Communications Director Iskandar Fareez explains that the movement is a manifestation of the rakyat’s frustration with the government - from mismanagement of the pandemic to power abuse.

Battling the Crisis: The Role of GLCs

In a Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) forum, REFSA Communications Director Iskandar Fareez discusses the pitfalls of the current GLC ecosystem, their role in battling the ongoing pandemic and the need to reorient their purpose to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth.
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