Why Debate and Oversight are Important for Government Spending

As long as the emergency is in force, the Ministry of Finance can now approve additional spending without Parliament’s permission. What is the impact of this on our nation’s democracy landscape, and why does it matter? BFM – Evening Edition on Inside Story podcast speaks to REFSA Communications Director Iskandar Fareez on the importance of putting a budget through bipartisan scrutiny and why does transparent governance is crucial to our nation.


We take a closer look at the new law passed yesterday, which allows the Finance Ministry to approve additional spending without Parliament’s permission, as long as the Emergency is in force. First, we look at the usual procedures to seek approval for supplementary expenditure, and how the new law supplants the process. Then, we discuss the importance of debate to ensure accountability on the part of the government.


Produced by: Tasha Fusil, Loo Juosie, Azlyna Mohd Noor

Presented by: Sharmilla Ganesan, Lee Chwi Lynn