Institutional Reform

Kerajaan Perpaduan: What Form Might That Take?

In the immediate wake of Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim being announced as the 10th Prime Minister, BFM welcomes Communications Director Iskandar Fareez on their podcast to discuss what to expect from Malaysia's new unity government, the development of our political stability, and more.

The Politics of #UndiBanjir

On the 10th of October, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced the dissolution of Parliament. This means that GE15 will be taking place within the next 60 days. While the date has not been announced by the Election Commission yet, many Malaysians have voiced their disgruntlement towards an election being called right smack in what potentially could be a period of heavy floods across the country, as we experienced during monsoon season last year. Iskandar Fareez goes on BFM to unpack the politics.

Malaysia’s Anti-hopping Law: Some Loopholes to Mull Over

Malaysia’s new anti-hopping law took effect on 5 October, five days before it was announced that the country’s Parliament would be dissolved. The law seeks to respect the mandate of voters, but it is not without faults. REFSA researcher Ng Sze Fung explores this over on Fulcrum.

Wanted: Policies, Not Personalities

Are Malaysians paid fairly for the work they do? That is the question many Malaysians are asking after an article on World of Buzz highlighted the large wage disparity between Malaysia and Singapore. While there are many factors such as cost of living that might have been a factor here, there are other granular reasons that also play a role in enlarging the gap. We speak to Tan E-Hun from REFSA to understand the causes behind this wage disparity.
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