Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

2022, like the year before it, turned out to be a watershed year for Malaysia. As a nation, we’ve weathered through uncertain domestic political affairs, the signing of an MOU between the government and opposition coalition, implementation of historic reforms (including the anti-hopping law) and changing economic developments that are partly driven by global forces. Emerging from the 15th Malaysian general election in November 2022, we are now led by a historical unity administration that pledges to continue the journey of nation building. Learn more about REFSA's work during this time by perusing our annual report for the year.

2021 Annual Report

Download: REFSA Annual Report 2021 Build Back Better: Malaysia’s Road to Recovery 2021 continued to be a challenging and turbulent year for many. Throughout the year, we have witnessed a lack of political leadership and impactful policy directions to kickstart…

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