[Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy x REFSA Forum] COVID-19 Vaccines: Doubts, Myths and Facts

Despite surveys conducted by the Ministry of Health indicating that at least 2/3 of respondents are willing to be vaccinated against COVID-19, there is a significant proportion that remain hesitant or even opposed towards the existing vaccines. This may even include healthcare professionals, members of parliament and learned members of society. This forum is intended to provide a platform for discussion and an opportunity for queries to be raised and address by those concerned.

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[REFSA DISCUSS #10] Urban Housing for the Youth Roundtable

The COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions have unveiled many fault lines in our systems particularly in the way we organise and design our urban areas and living spaces. Youths in particular, continue to work in the cities but are increasingly finding it difficult to live anywhere near the cities. Today’s pandemic is not the first crisis to hit our cities and it will not be the last. Urban rejuvenation and facilitating better cities to live, work and play should be at the forefront of our effort to build our society back better.

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[DCAF x REFSA DISCUSS #9] Roundtable Consultation

A roundtable consultation where participants discussed the way forward for security sector governance in Malaysia with recommendations on reform including having greater inter-agency coordination, transparency and stronger civil-military relations.

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