Economy of Tomorrow Regional Conference 2020 – Day 4

The Future of Work in the New Normal

Session 4: The Youth Perspective

Jointly organised by REFSA and FES

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The youth has been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic, they already encounter difficulties in entering and remaining in the labour market, despite they are the most educated generation ever.

Although opportunities for the young to seek employment is tied to the general state of the economy and overall employment of the country, they are also dictated by the education and skills sets possessed by the youth and the relevance of those skill sets possessed. The rise of gig economy further provides an easy avenue to seek employment, albeit a precarious one.

So what is the reality of seeking a job in this current economic climate, and how can the youth adjust to a now even more challenging labour market. Could the COVID-19 change the attractiveness of job profiles for the youth, or trigger a sustainable shift to more digital learning? What are the prospects of self-employment for young workers and what support structures are needed?


Dr. Lee Hwok Aun, Senior Fellow and Coordinator, Malaysia Studies Programme, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore

Bhima Yudhistira, Associate of Centre for Innovation and Digital Economy, Institute for Development of Economic and Finance (INDEF), Indonesia


Pham Thi Thu Lan, Vice-Director, Trade Union Research Institute (IWTU), Vietnam

Marie Chris Cabreros, Coordinator of Network for Social Democracy in Asia; National President of Akbayan Citizens’ Action Party, Philippines



A summary of the discussion can be found here.



Dr. Lee Hwok Aun presentation

Bhima Yudhistira presentation

Pham Thi Thu Lan presentation



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