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OCT 1, 2020

Economy of Tomorrow Regional Conference 2020 – The Future of Work in the New Normal

Jointly organised by REFSA and FES


This virtual conference seeks to learn and explore about the future of jobs and good jobs creation further to the health and economic crises nations faced. 

It also aims to bring together insights and experience across the Asia region on key socio-economic issues, and to proactively engage in the increasingly important future of the trans-international and transdisciplinary exchange of knowledge. 

It will be held over a span of a week from 12th – 16th October 2020, at 3.00pm – 5.30pm daily (GMT+8), except 14th October which will end at 6.30pm (GMT+8).

Click here for the full programme and speakers profile.


Please register to attend via the links below: 

Session 1 The Bigger Picture (12 October 2020, Monday)


Session 2 The Company Perspective (13 October 2020, Tuesday)


Session 3 GiG Economy (14 October 2020, Wednesday)


Session 4 The Youth Perspective (15 October 2020, Thursday)


Session 5 The Labour Response (16 October 2020, Friday)