[DCAF x REFSA DISCUSS #9] Roundtable Consultation

A roundtable consultation where participants discussed the way forward for security sector governance in Malaysia with recommendations on reform including having greater inter-agency coordination, transparency and stronger civil-military relations.

Covid-19 Infographics

RESEARCH Covid-19 INFOGRAPHICS Faced with daunting economic consequences of the social distancing measures in place to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic, governments around the world are announcing stimulus packages for their economies, amounting to unprecedented sizes. This tracker aims to keep…

ASEAN’s Democratic Outlook:The Past

PRESSROOM SEP 5, 2019 ASEAN’s Democratic Outlook : The Past Organised by DurianASEAN, in the first episode of a three-part interview, Fakhrurrazi Rashid, Refsa Program Coordinator and the panelists share their thoughts on ASEAN’s background, particularly the factors leading…

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