Michael Aw

Michael Aw

Navigating Great Power Rivalries of the 2020s: Exploring Options of Southeast Asia

A public lecture which intends to further the conversation by exploring the key policy options and dilemmas facing Southeast Asian countries amid growing uncertainty, with a particular attention on how and why many regional countries have insisted to pursue a “hedging” policy (as opposed to “balancing” or “bandwagoning” strategies) vis-à-vis the competing powers.

[REFSA Regional Geopolitics Dialogue] The New Geopolitics of Asia and the Global Order of Tomorrow: Implications for Southeast Asia

Research for Social Advancement (REFSA), a progressive think tank based in Kuala Lumpur, with the support from Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) Asia, convened a diverse group of policymakers, academics and thought leaders from across Asia-Pacific for a two-day roundtable in Kuala Lumpur. , with the main aim to explore the global order of today and tomorrow and deliberate and discuss the implications of the US-China rivalry for ASEAN, regional tensions in the South China Sea, and the way forward to manage disruption.

Same Job, Different Pay?

Are Malaysians paid fairly for the work they do? That is the question many Malaysians are asking after an article on World of Buzz highlighted the large wage disparity between Malaysia and Singapore. While there are many factors such as cost of living that might have been a factor here, there are other granular reasons that also play a role in enlarging the gap. We speak to Tan E-Hun from REFSA to understand the causes behind this wage disparity.

义腾研究中心(REFSA)与弗里德里希·艾伯特基金会 (FES)联办的区域地缘政治圆桌会议:重新审视东盟外交政策与策略

马来西亚智库义腾研究中心(REFSA)在7月28-29日与弗里德里希·艾伯特基金会(FES)成功联办题为 “亚洲新地缘政治与全球未来新秩序:对东南亚的影响” 的区域地缘政治圆桌会议。与会者在会议中探讨面对美中紧张局势、俄乌战争和南中国海争议等的全球大环境下,东盟国家在地缘政治及经济活动可以扮演的角色。

REFSA-FES regional geopolitical roundtable: a platform for rethinking ASEAN’s foreign policy strategies

Media statement by REFSA on our partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), successfully hosted a regional roundtable titled “The New Geopolitics of Asia and the Global Order of Tomorrow: Implications for Southeast Asia”. The dialogue explored the geopolitical and economic role ASEAN countries should play in navigating global issues, such as the US-China tensions, the Russia-Ukraine war and the South China Sea dispute.

REFSA Notes #7/2022: Deconstructing Economic Indicators: Inflation

For the last few months, inflation has been the talk of the town. Consumers have been complaining about rising prices, especially of food and groceries. Yet official statistics suggest that Malaysia's annual inflation rate remains under control at 2.8%. So why is there a mismatch between the perceived rise in the cost of living and the official rate of inflation? To answer this question, we must first identify the causes of inflation and critically review how we measure inflation.
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