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Why are so many Malaysian Fresh Grads Unemployed & Underpaid?

Youth unemployment and underpaid fresh grads are longstanding systemic issues that have been plaguing the country. While the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened this situation, it also serves as an important reminder for us to reconsider the potential approaches that could be adopted by the state to “build back better”.

In this recent podcast with BFM – The Bigger Picture on Live and Learn, REFSA Communications Director Iskandar Fareez, discusses the underlying factors of youth unemployment and low wages, and how a state should play a leading role in addressing the issue.


Latest reports show that at least 10% of Malaysian graduates have been getting a monthly income of between RM 10001 to RM 1500 since at least 2010. Yes, even graduates with Bachelor’s degrees. And if that doesn’t shock you, then perhaps this next stat will — in 2020, a staggering 22% of fresh graduates with Bachelor’s degrees fell into this income bracket.

Some may blame the COVID-19 pandemic, others, the recent political turbulence. But some experts have suggested that this is a systemic problem that has been going on for far too long. On this episode, Siti Aiyshah Tumin and Iskandar Fareez joins us to share their insights on the matter.


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