Introduction to the 10 Strategies to Save Jobs and Revive the Economy


In our latest REFSA Notes, we examined the assumptions underlying the growth estimate for 2021 and proposed 10 questions meant to probe the validity of the forecast.

Having answered the “what”, we now push ourselves further to discuss the “how”. How can the nation tackle the immediate challenges we face right here, right now?

In the coming weeks, REFSA will introduce 10 strategies on how to save jobs and revive the economy. This will serve as a guide on how a responsible and responsive government should respond to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The 10 policies will be released over the coming weeks, along with a more personal look at the challenges a variety of people are facing. This affords us more time and space for a thorough discussion of each strategy and also enables us to update them as conditions on the ground shift.

By preparing well and having a comprehensive plan to combat this pandemic, we will be able to “build Malaysia back better”. Stay tuned and we will update you soon!