Gender Pay Gap: Deciphering the Decline

Watch the video here Produced by Astro Awani Malaysia continues to be plagued with a significant gender pay parity, which is doing our nation no justice. Speaking to Melisa Melina Idris at Astro Awani’s Consider This, REFSA Executive Director shared about…

Tax! Tax! Tax! For the Common Good

In tandem with recent discussions on tax, our researcher Sze Fung was invited onto BFM to discuss the importance of progressive taxation and whether taxing the rich stifles innovation

【开门新趋势】男女就业同工不同酬 如何从根本解决不公 (下)


Same Job, Different Pay?

Are Malaysians paid fairly for the work they do? That is the question many Malaysians are asking after an article on World of Buzz highlighted the large wage disparity between Malaysia and Singapore. While there are many factors such as cost of living that might have been a factor here, there are other granular reasons that also play a role in enlarging the gap. We speak to Tan E-Hun from REFSA to understand the causes behind this wage disparity.
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