FEB 26, 2020

Malaysia2020: Kerajaan penyatuan era pasca parti politik

Fakhrurrazi Rashid, REFSA Research Coordinator gives his view about the concept of the unity government, proposed by the former interim prime minister, Tun Dr, Mahathir Mohamad.

Without political party representation, a unity government has a weak mandate for the people and is unpractical to form cabinet ministers . In the Westminster parliamentary model, the prime minster himself was chosen by political consensus between coalition parties that have the majority in the house.

In Malaysia, a minority government is the only model that we have now, as there is no clear strong majority block among coalition parties. Some academic studies from think tanks have proved that minority government is an unstable government and is easily defeated in parliament voting. In the end, a weak minority government will most probably trigger a general election.

Full interview in Malay.

Produced by: Astro Awani

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