FEB 25, 2020

Malaysia 2020: Apa Selepas Ini?

Fakhrurrazi Rashid, REFSA Research Coordinator, gives his view about Malaysia’s current political situation on Astro AWANI.

This is a difficult time for Malaysia, especially for the youth. The events that happened over the past few days underscore the importance of democracy, and provide an opportunity to debate ideas on how to improve our current system. We need to realise that democracy is not just about ‘elections’ and ‘gaining power’, but that it is also about participation, accountability and transparency in society. Democracy grants all Malaysians a space to have their voice heard, whether on government policy, economics, job opportunities, wages, education, healthcare or any other topic that affects us all.

In these uncertain times, it is clear that more institutional reform is needed to ensure that our democracy benefits all, not just a few. Let’s commit to building a better Malaysia.

Full interview in Malay.

Produced by: Astro Awani

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