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Lack of information causes COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among some rural residents in Malaysia

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Vaccine hesitancy and uneven rollout could stand to derail our target of achieving herd immunity by year end. To meet this goal, we will need to be able to administer 300,000 jabs a day. With only 3.32% of our population fully vaccinated today, can we ramp this up to 80% in just 6 months?

Aside from that, in his conversation with CNA. REFSA Comms’ Director, Iskandar Fareez shared that the government must allay any anxieties relating to the vaccine and also address any perceived unfairness of the rollout to get the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NCIP) back on track.


Malaysia’s plans to scale up its vaccination programme may be hindered by hesitancy from residents in rural areas amid misconceptions and lack of access to information.

Watch the video here 

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