Futures Roundtable: Whither Malaysia? Restructuring the Malaysian Economy

Join REFSA’s Visiting Researcher Farhana Roslan as she speaks on restructuring the economy and ways to Build Back Better.
The past has left us, the present has already arrived. What we can contribute to, is the future. 2020 has been a very challenging year thus far. All aspects of life have been seriously affected by COVID-19 and its socio-economic and political impact.
Futures Malaysia together with the Academic Staff Association, IIUM and Institut Darul Ehsan have initiated this Futures Roundtable Series to discuss, debate and analyse various aspects of Our Preferred Future for Malaysia. We hope to bring together Malaysians from all backgrounds and walks of life. We begin our series with an RTD on ‘Restructuring the Malaysian Economy’. We hope that this inaugural event will be the first of many more fruitful sessions to come over the next months and years.
Watch the full video here.
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