Economy of Tomorrow

Gender Pay Gap: Deciphering the Decline

Watch the video here Produced by Astro Awani Malaysia continues to be plagued with a significant gender pay parity, which is doing our nation no justice. Speaking to Melisa Melina Idris at Astro Awani’s Consider This, REFSA Executive Director shared about…

Tax! Tax! Tax! For the Common Good

In tandem with recent discussions on tax, our researcher Sze Fung was invited onto BFM to discuss the importance of progressive taxation and whether taxing the rich stifles innovation

The EPF Debate: Balancing Economic Growth and Social Security

There have been quite a bit of news lately surrounding EPF. Last week, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the Cabinet would discuss a proposal to raise employers' contribution to 20% on their respective employees’ EPF accounts. A couple of days ago, the PM called for the EPF to aim for the retirement fund to shift its investment portfolio to comprise 70% of domestic investments by year-end. Our researcher Ng Sze Fung unpacks this with BFM.
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