The Great Reset – 100 days of Malaysia’s Triple Crisis


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Publisher: Research for Social Advancement Bhd (REFSA)

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The year 2020 was presumably a grand milestone for Malaysia. ‘Vision 2020’, mooted by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 1991 was a Malaysian ideal to reach its developed nation goal. Many Malaysians grew up in the past 30 years dreaming of living in a futuristic world; a united society of ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ with a sense of common and shared destiny.
Instead, the nation was hit with a triple threat – a political crisis, a public health crisis and an economic crisis. Each developed on a separate track, but at a certain point in late February 2020, intersected, and in the months that followed exposed fault lines in the political, public health and economic system.
Indeed, with every complication or crisis, emerges opportunities for an alteration in the status quo. In the revelation of inherent vulnerabilities in our systems, comes the call for a Great Reset.

The structuring of this book into three sections detailing the three crises is intended to enable deeper dives into the chronological development and context to which each article was written, and its impact explained. This book, as a collection of written articles captures nuances of the uncertainty that prevailed the nation in an unprecedented time. It is a reminder for the society that journeyed through these 100 days, and a reference for generations to come. There are lessons learned for Malaysia to be better prepared for similar crises should it arise in the future, and a silver lining of an opportunity to address structural issues that exist.

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