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Pengarah Komunikasi REFSA Raja Ahmad Iskandar Fareez Raja Shamsul Kamal membincangkan kepentingan kerajaan secara rasmi mewujudkan agenda Majlis Media Malaysia dan banyak lagi dalam wawancara ini dengan Astro Awani.

Malaysia moves up rank but has press freedom improved?

Although Malaysia’s ranking moved up on the 2022 World Press Freedom index, its score has actually dropped compared to last year. What gives, does our country’s press freedom reflect its new ranking in reality? REFSA Communications Director Iskandar Fareez weighs in on Awani Tonight.

Malaysia Cipta Kerja

Tens of thousands of Malaysians have already lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis and the worst of the damage is yet to come. Watch #MalaysiaCiptaKerja to understand Mission-Oriented policies that can be introduced to reset the Malaysian economy and create a resilient and sustainable ecosystem for job creation.
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