Researchers for Open Data

We are a collective of think-tankers, academics, and citizen researchers who are concerned about data openness in Malaysia.

We believe that access to public data is a right as taxpayers and as citizens. We also believe that data is a valuable yet non-exhaustible commodity, and can generate a more transparent, accountable and participatory engagement process between governments and citizens.

Principles of Open Data:

  1. Data must be open by default – Governments need to justify data that is kept closed and make sure privacy is protected.
  2. Timely and comprehensive – Information published quickly. As much as possible, data should be provided in its original and unmodified form.
  3. Accessible and usable – Data is machine-readable, free of charge and under an open license.
  4. Comparable and interoperable – Commonly-agreed data standards.
  5. Improved governance & citizen engagement – Transparency to improve public services and hold governments accountable.
  6. Inclusive development & innovation – To spur inclusive economic development.

Our demands:

  1. For Malaysian government to improve the level of data openness in our country, particularly in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. All data shared must comply with the 6 principles above.
  3. To promote a culture of data-sharing among agencies by setting out a clear guideline on data sharing.
  4. Address the concern of data privacy by including public data in the Personal Data Privacy Act.
  5. Deliberate a comprehensive policy framework that will strengthen our data governance, and ensure our right to information.
  6. Facilitate and support the research community in obtaining data.



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