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Research takes time. And time is money. REFSA and our staff have bills to pay and commitments and responsibilities too – rental, utilities, internet, tolls … Help us sustain our work for a better Malaysia – donations of any amounts are very welcome. Every little bit helps!

Donations can be made via cheques made out to Research for Social Advancement Bhd and banked in directly into our Public Bank account number 3128-1874-30. Cash deposits can also be made directly. Please contact us and we will issue a receipt.

Specific Projects

If you have expertise and wish to contribute to a better Malaysia, we have the platform to maximise the effectiveness of your efforts! We are particularly interested in education, healthcare, housing, transport, parliamentary and police reform and resource management – electricity, oil and water. Also we are keen on more than just “hard” research. Community service is also on our agenda. So whether it is workshops on water demand management, composting or art for inner city kids or drop us a line through our Contact Us form.

Jobs and Internships

REFSA welcomes bright minds interested in openness and democracy. We have many projects that would suit many different interests. For instance, those preferring desk-bound office-based roles can research parliamentary reform or education or urban development or transport policy, among others. Those with a more adventurous bent might wish to pursue our Nasi Lemak-nomics initiative, which would entail visiting fishermen in fishing villages all the way to the fish-monger in the market, in an endeavour to understand the chain that the fish passes from ocean to our dinner table and the implications on society at large.

REFSA offers the opportunity of practical applied research following the best practices of global multinationals but in a collegial work environment in a multi-lingual culture (English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia are our operating languages) and on topics of broader interest to society.

Please send your resume and a cover letter through our Contact Us form.

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