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Rational Rationing of Resources

As Malaysia’s resources start to dwindle, it’s imperative for the federal government to be more accountable in its management of our increasingly scarce remaining resources.

For one, Petronas cannot be expected to constantly bail us out of catastrophic mismanagement messes. Also, subsidies for petrol could instead be channeled into upgrading the efficiency of the public transportation system, resulting in improved mobility and productivity while reducing resource wastage.

Soaring private vehicle ownership is  another contributor to resource waste – with an average of three vehicles per family, the roads are constantly congested with traffic jams, leading to lost productivity and unnecessary fuel consumption, not to mention unnecessary expenses for Malaysians which could be saved or spent elsewhere instead.

Elsewhere, the BN federal government claims the massive Pahang-Selangor interstate raw water transfer project is crucial. But such expensive, excessive expenditure on environmentally-damaging infrastructure is really quite unnecessary . We don’t need to spend billions when simple practices such as fixing leaking pipes and installing low-flush toilets can solve the problem as effectively.

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