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Private Healthcare in Malaysia Gains Strength Against Public Healthcare

The federal government’s share of investments in our healthcare sector has been lagging behind the private sector in 2012 when compared to 2001. This can be observed in terms of the number of hospitals that has been built in the … Continue reading

Choose Progression, not Regression

Everything in life boils down to one thing: choice. Behind every action is a choice, followed by a decision. The Budget itself is constructed from decisions, of how best to spend our resources to deliver public goods and services and … Continue reading

Rational Rationing of Resources

As Malaysia’s resources start to dwindle, it’s imperative for the federal government to be more accountable in its management of our increasingly scarce remaining resources. For one, Petronas cannot be expected to constantly bail us out of catastrophic mismanagement messes. … Continue reading

Federal Government: Power Hog?

The greedy hog at the table is the one who ends up hogging everything in sight. Aside from very small grants based on population and roads, payments to the state governments are at the discretion of the federal government. On … Continue reading

A Tender Situation

A Tender Situation

The federal government’s policies favouring negotiated contracts and gatekeepers such as PEMANDU have fostered an anti-competitive economy, where the likelihood of procuring a contract depends on who you know, rather than how good your products or services actually are. If there isn’t any incentive … Continue reading

Janji Ditepati or Janji Diketepi?

In the run-up to our 55th Merdeka Day celebrations, the federal government has been particularly keen on reminding Malaysians of all it has done for us. Full-page newspaper advertisements and massive roadside billboards trumpeting ‘Janji Ditepati’ (Fulfilling our Promises) and … Continue reading

When ‘Many’ becomes ‘Too Many’: The Foreign Worker Problem

You may have remarked, whether off-handedly or as an observation, on the seeming abundance of foreign labourers in Malaysia. Well, you can now support your statement with this startling fact: for every ten Malaysians in the workforce, there are four … Continue reading

Not Everyone Is Good at Studies, But Everyone has a Skill

Currently, 80% of all Malaysian households earn an average of just RM2,500 per month – far from the wages typical of a upper-middle income country. With 77% of our workforce holding only SPM qualifications at best, the government’s ambitious plans … Continue reading

UMNO-nomics: 2012 subsidy bill expected to hit RM33 billion

Most of us welcome government subsidies, given how they appear to reduce the costs of fuel, electricity and everyday food items at no cost to ourselves. Indeed, we tend to take them for granted, operating under the assumption that subsidies … Continue reading

UMNO-nomics: No to GST

No to GST

According to our Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib Razak, Malaysia is a “modern industrial upper middle income country.” Simple statistics easily contradict this bold statement: the average income of 80% of all Malaysian households only comes up to about RM2500 … Continue reading