The National Budget & You-REFSA on BFM89.9

Malaysia has overspent RM43 billion last year. How much debt does that translate to for every Malaysian?

Countries like Indonesia and South Korea suffered worse hits in the global economy crisis than Malaysia. How did they rise up beyond us to become more competitive in the international market? What can we learn from them?

Stimulus packages in the Budget to boost the economy: who is funding them? How are they paid for? And are they doing any good?

Is our subsidy system actually shortchanging the poor?

How does rewarding deserving professionals help Malaysia escape the middle-income-trap?

Find the answers and more in BFM 89.9’s The National Budget & You podcast, in which REFSA’s executive director Chi-Chang deconstructed the astronomical figures and mystifying jargons of Budget 2012 for everyday Malaysians.

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