‘The Dark Side of Budgets’-REFSA on-air with BFM 89.9

Budget 2013 will be tabled on 28 September this year, but do Malaysians understand the ins and outs of our country’s finances?

REFSA’s director Teh Chi-Chang’s new book “The Dark Side of the Budget” combines cartoons and everyday English to break down the jargonistic bulk of Malaysia’s economy, explaining where our money is going and what does that spell for our future.

Click the podcast below (or visit here) for a discussion between Chi-Chang and BFM host Meera Sivasothy on our country’s 14th year of running on a budget deficit, what happens when our debt hits 100% of the GDP (gross domestic profit) and what questions should the rakyat ask upon the tabling of Budget 2013.


Click here to get your copy of UMNO-nomics: The Dark Side of the Budget!

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