On-air debate with PEMANDU-REFSA Critique of the ETP (Part 2) on BFM 89.9

The 2nd and final part of “REFSA’s Critique of the ETP” on BFM89.9 finally saw a face-to-face discussion between our executive director Chi-Chang and PEMANDU’s Chris Tan, director of the Electrical and Electronics NKEA.

Listen to the podcast below (or get it here) for the lively debate between Chi-Chang and Chris Tan to judge for yourself on whether the economic transformation roadmap under PEMANDU is truly transformative, or business-as-usual.

As time constraints of the show did not allow it, below is REFSA’s answer to the last point about the ETP’s 1000-Person-1-Day workshop raised during the show:

REFSA understands that the one-day, 1000-Person workshop are different from the labs, as explained by PEMANDU’s Chris Tan in the podcast. However, PEMANDU’s reply here clearly states that the workshop was where “the NKEAs were chosen.” We are particularly concerned about the feasibility of choosing NKEAs in such a hot-house environment. Let’s do the math –

1,000 people divided 20 sectors (refer to PEMANDU’S reply) = 50 people in each group. Let’s say one person provides feedback for just one minute on one topic. Nearly one hour will be gone! Is there enough time in one day for 1000 persons to explore the full insights for a wise and informed selection of an NKEA?


You can also find Part One of the “REFSA’s Critique of the ETP” podcast here.

For a more detailed analysis, please read our “Critique of the ETP” series.

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