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REFSA Quarterly Jan 2012

Dear Reader,

In 2010, a group of forward-thinking Malaysians pooled resources and funds to re-invent Research for Social Advancement (REFSA), with the aim that our country’s future would be led by discourse based on solid facts and reliable analysis rather than blind fights. With that, the REFSA team kicked off a series of analysis on issues that matter daily to Malaysians, written in down-to-earth language.

The relevant research and sparkling analysis that REFSA produced in its first 8 months are summarised in the inaugural Jan 2012 issue of REFSA Quarterly. Read here about how 41% of our cops are doing desk jobs instead of combating crime on the streets, the subsidies inflating the profits of inefficient independent power producers (IPPs), the fundamental flaws of the Computing Professionals Bill, and how the open tender policy in Penang is nurturing a new generation of capable bumiputera contractors, among others.

Foong Li Mei, Editor


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