REFSA Quarterly Issue 1, 2016: Public Transport Matters

One of the major urban issues in Malaysia is the poor public transport system which has plagued the nation for decades. The root causes are multifaceted but can be categorized into constitutional glitches and policy preference.

The centralization of transport authority in the hands of the federal government has demotivated local authorities to improve public transport services. Most of the time, the local authorities can only plead with the federal government to act or watch idly when encountering transport complaints. This is not correct and can be rectified through an effort of decentralization.

Meanwhile, the City Council of Petaling Jaya is spearheading a Transit Orientation Development model to curb the pressing traffic congestion issue in the city. The idea is not new, but it is a matter of preference.

Preferring private cars over public transportation is no longer a workable model. By switching the preference to public transportation, the authorities have a chance of getting out from this transport deadlock.

As a city institute, REFSA presented a few articles which dissect the transport issue from alternative angles in this 1/2016 REFSA Quarterly. We hope it will provide some contexts in finding sustainable solutions for the future.


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Executive Director
Research for Social Advancement (REFSA)

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