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A Comparative Study of Cabinet Structures and Parliamentary Oversight across Australia, India, the UK and Malaysia.

Click to read report: A Comparative Study of Cabinet Structures and Parliamentary Oversight across Australia, India, the UK and Malaysia.

This report compares the current state of cabinet and parliamentary affairs in Australia, India, the UK and Malaysia, paying attention to cabinet structures and how parliaments exercise oversight over ministries. These countries were chosen because of the common link between them being iterations of the Westminster model of representative government and also because they represent examples of government in both developed and developing economies as well as of varying population and area sizes.

In this report, first the definitions of and the relation between parliament, cabinet and oversight will be provided. Following that, a comparison of the make-up of parliaments and cabinets of the respective countries will be made. The importance of oversight will also be discussed, as well as the use of parliamentary oversight measures.

The aim of this exercise in comparing and contrasting the best practices for parliamentary oversight currently practiced in Australia, India and the UK is to offer some insight and suggestions for potentially feasible similar practices that can be adapted to and adopted within the Malaysian context.


About the Author

Marie Tan Kiak Li is a freelance writer, researcher, commentator and jack of words across various writing mediums and subject areas. She has also worked with various non-governmental organisations helping coordinate and implement projects that support government policy regarding domestic violence prevention, environmental protection and poverty alleviation in the UK and USA.

Marie hails from the island of Penang, believes that there’s always room for improvement, tries to be the change she wants to see and thinks using analogies extensively. She holds an MSc in Political Sociology from the London School of Economics & Political Science and a BA(Hons) in Psychology and French from Grinnell College.


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