The Real Difference (Part 2): Successful budgeting

Real Difference infographic (Pt 2) - Budgeting

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[1] Car price cut benefits few Malaysians, says Pekema. Available at

[2] Which makes better fiscal sense? Available at

[3] Overall spirit of Pakatan’s manifesto quite scary. Available at

[4] Pre-Budget 2013 Guide #2: Where does our budget come from? Available at

[5] Figures obtained from Federal Government Budget Info documents according to their corresponding years:

[6] Figures from Economic Report 2011/2012 ( and Economic Report 2012/2013 (

[7] ‘Hidden debt’ edges M’sia beyond 55pct limit. Available at

[8] Lim: Show courage, go for change. Available at

[9] Economists welcome Pakatan manifesto. Available at

[10] Anwar: BN Manifesto Is Pro-Cronies, Pakatan Manifesto Is Pro-Rakyat. Available at

[11] What do the state budgets of Penang and Selangor tell us? Available at

[12] AG report: Top marks to Pakatan states. Available at

[13] Tale of the Tape #2: Chua Soi Lek vs Lim Guan Eng. Available at

[All stock images and vectors credited with thanks to, and Creative Commons.]

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