The Real Difference (Part 1): Capable youthful leaders

The real difference infographic (Pt 1) - final

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[1] Najib signs election integrity pledge. Available at

[2] The promise of political violence. Available at

[3] Do you feel 50% richer? Available at

[4] A big fat F for Fail: The ETP has failed to meet its targets. Available at

[5] Tale of the Tape #1: Najib vs Anwar. Available at

[6] Anwar: Lynas can stay if proven safe. Available at

[7] Rafidah: Some seats lost in 2008 because BN members spoilt their votes. Available at

[8] MCA supporters vent anger at Soi Lek in Gelang Patah. Available at

[9] Karpal says Jui Meng’s intentions ‘suspect’ in Johor DAP-PKR spat. Available at

[10] Twitter attack against Nga-Ngeh cousins. Available at

[11] KJ: Condo purchase to offset cost of NFC delays. Available at

[12] Khalid seeks Tee Yong apology over ‘false’ Talam accusations. Available at

[13] KR1M items: Health Ministry admits mistake. Available at

[14] Big guns get cheap land. Available at

[15] Rafizi and Johari charged under Bafia. Available at

[16] Teoh Beng Hock inquest: Lawyer wants probe on whether Teoh was “pushed”. Available at

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