Formula to Failure: Our plunging Maths and Science standards

How valuable is an A, when nearly 1 in 4 students can achieve it? That’s right – 24% of all Form 3 students scored an A  for PMR Science this year. The students and their parents, no doubt, are elated. But are we creating a whole generation of kampung champions who cannot compete globally?  This same cohort of Form 3 students had participated in the global Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMMS) last year, and a shocking 1 in 3 of them do not know what the chemical formula CO2 stands for. More in our infographic –

Dumbfounding numbers infographic 20122012

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[1] NUTP: Avoid blame game over TIMSS results. Available at Retrieved 17 Dec 2012.

[2] The International Mathematics & Science Study (TIMSS) 2011 proved beyond doubt that the Barisan Nasional Government has completely destroyed our education system, causing Malaysia to suffer the biggest drop in results among all tested countries in the world for both subjects. Available at Retrieved 17 Dec 2012.

[3] We suffered declines in scores in all content and cognitive domains for Mathematics (Content Domains – Number, Algebra, Geometry, Data & Chance; Cognitive Domains – Knowledge, Application, Reasoning) and Science (Content Domains – Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences; Cognitive Domains – Knowledge, Application, Reasoning).

[4] The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study has proven that the Ministry of Education has deliberately dumbed down our education syllabus and lowered our examination standards in order to produce more student passes and distinctions. Available at Retrieved 17 Dec 2012.

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