A vote for BN is a vote for injustice

Following the recent controversial ad blitz by Barisan Nasional in mainstream newspapers, REFSA has this to say:
A vote for BN (Injustice)Download the PDF version



[1] Home minister: Rising crime rate a matter of perception. Available at

[2] ‘For first time since Merdeka, crime-busting a priority’. Available at

[3] ‘PM’s statement admission of abuses under ISA’. Available at

[4] Malaysiakini wins court battle over print licence. Available at

[5] Malaysia deports Senator Nick Xenophon, deeming him enemy of the state. Available at

[6] Don decries gov’t pressure on UM forum. Available at

[7] DAP demands criminal charges against MACC trio. Available at

[8] Hisham blames opposition provocation for rising political violence. Available at

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