Reflection on Development and Beyond: Exploring Alternatives to Social Progression


International Conference

Reflection on Development and Beyond: Exploring Alternatives to Social Progression

Date: 21-22 March 2015

Venue: The Federal Kuala Lumpur (Hotel)

(35 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.)

Organiser:  Genta Media Sdn Bhd

Collaboration with: Research for Social Advancement (Refsa)

Language: Chinese<>English Simultaneous Interpretation will be provided


We are living in an age which is so close to the brink of despair. Developmentalism has become a global force of hegemony due to the rise of global capitalism and neo-liberalism in the past three decades. We suffer and suffocate as a result of the deterioration of the political economic system, social injustice, and the backlash of the environment and nature. Yet, we are also living in an era in which people fight to live. Different forms of civil disobedience and movements have been blossoming as a resistance against the forcesswhich grab and erode our living space, land, environment and even our basic dignity and value as human beings.

Malaysia is following the path of developmentalism and striving for economic development, on its way to becoming abenchmark of modernization in Asia. Crony-capitalism has become the norm due to the lack of checks and balances, leading to severe exploitation and oppression. “Economic development and growth” have become a cosmetic facade for costly mega projects. Te recent rise of the anti-public health hazards movement as a civil movement sees art creation and cultural preservation serving as a medium for community resistance. Nevertheless, the developmentalist idea of economic growth still remains a mainstream influence, given the lack of social development discourse.

At the same time, the recent rise of community building activism also invites people to rethink the relation between their lives and urban development, public space, collective memory and cultural preservation. Community seems to be a space that unites and relates people, and a platform that invites participation and forms resistance. With this, can it be a possible site of reflection and resistance against the mainstream development and capitalism? Can we formulate different lifestyles and value options? Most fundamentally, what is “development”? How can we see “development” from the perspectives of appropriate technology, local governance, urban spaces, local identity, and civil movement?

In this conference, we invite scholars, community workers, community organizers, members of parliaments, and social activists from Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, who have been actively engaged in social activism and criticism, to discuss, inquire and share the idea of “development” from different aspects. Through this international dialogue platform, we also aim to explore the public discourse and possible actions and practices regarding alternative development.

Forum Topics

  1. The Image of Malaysia’s Modernization: The Critique of Developmentalism
  2. The “Appropriate Technology” Movement and Social Development
  3. Overcoming the Dilemma of Development: The Local Governance Perspective
  4. The Development of Urban Spaces under Globalization: Heterogeneity & Hybridity
  5. The Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong within the context of Globalization: Civil Movement, Urban Development & Local Identity
  6. Social Dynamics of Communities: Finding Alternative Development Practices
  7. The Monstrosity of Development: The Anti-Public Health Hazards Movement in Malaysia and the Communities involved
  8. Making Resistance Possible: Alternatives to Neo-liberalism


In accordance with Genta Media’s new title release, admission is based on book purchase (public RM50, student RM30).

For more information, please contact us: 019-9928 268 (Fong Theng)

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International Conference

Reflection on Development and Beyond: Exploring Alternatives to Social Progression




地点:The Federal Kuala Lumpur 联邦酒店

(35 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.)







1. 马来西亚现代化图像:发展主义的批判

2. 从适当科技运动反思现代社会发展

3. 从地方治理看发展的困境与超克

4. 全球化下都市发展与空间创造:异质与混杂

5. 从香港雨伞革命看全球化下的公民运动、城市发展与本土认同

6. 作为社会动力的社区:探寻另类发展的实践经验

7. 发展的怪兽:马来西亚反公害与社区抗争

8. 抵抗如何可能?——新自由主义全球化下的社会出路


为了配合本会新书推广目的,采纳凭书入场方式(公众人士RM50,学生RM30)。请于3月8日前完成 报名名额有限,报名从速。

任何疑问,可联系Esther(019-9928 268

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